Cosplay Contest

Parkersburg Pop Con Cosplay Categories

Meet this Year's Cosplay Judges!

NOTE: Any cosplay contestant wearing a costume that has previously won at any other convention must enter into the exhibition category.

Exhibition Category:

Novice Category: 

A novice has little/no experience in costuming. They display basic knowledge of construction, design, and materials.

Journeyman Category: 

Individuals display intermediate knowledge of construction, design, and materials.

(All custom work done by another individual must be properly credited.)

Master Category:

Individuals display advanced mastery knowledge of construction, design, and materials.


Best Prop:


Youth Award:

Parkersburg Pop Con Cosplay FAQ

Q: What time does the cosplay contest start?

Q: Are there costume rules or guidelines?

A - Simply put, your costume and its accessories MUST comply with the local laws and campus rules where the convention is being held. We insist that your costume not have any parts or accessories that can readily cause harm to you, or any of your fellow con goers. No real weaponry (live firearms, sharp blades, etc.) may be carried. We request that all prop firearms have Blaze Orange Tips so that they are easily identifiable. No parts of your costume can fire, spray, shoot, or ignite. YOUR COSTUME MUST BE APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES. Use common sense. If you have any worry that a part of your costume might cause a problem or get you thrown out of the convention, arrested, or injured, please leave it home.

Q: Weapons Policy:

In order to assure that everyone who visits Parkersburg Pop-Con has a safe and enjoyable time, we have decided to institute a weapons policy, effective immediately.

• All weapons must be inspected prior to entry.
• Actual firearms of any sort are prohibited on the campus.
• Simulated weapons for cosplay purposes will be allowed, but must be non-firing.
• If you are found with an unauthorized weapon inside the show, you will be escorted to security and then removed from the premises.
• If you have a weapon that does not pass inspection, you will not be allowed entry into the show. You may return the weapon to your vehicle and then you will be allowed entry into the show. If you are not sure about a weapon, or have a weapon that does not meet these policies, please leave it at home in order to assure entrance.

Thank you in advance for complying with this policy, and we look forward to seeing you at Parkersburg Pop-Con!


If you do not want to have your costume props inspected, or if you are not willing to comply with these policies, please do not bring your costume props to Parkersburg Pop-Con. All costume props and weapons must be inspected when asked to do so.


Q: Is photography permitted inside of the convention?

Yes! Photography and personal video’s are permitted and encouraged. Parkersburg Pop-Con also has several SnapChat filters available for your use. All that we ask is that you please be considerate when taking photographs by being brief and not blocking traffic. If you intend to use a photograph or film for anything other than private viewing (e.g. online photo album, blog, online video archives, etc.), please ask the subject(s) for explicit permission to post their image, or video. Please note that photographs and footage of the convention and attendees will be gathered by our Staff to be used for various projects such as advertisements or future programming guides, and that purchasing admission for Parkersburg Pop-Con constitutes consent to be filmed or photographed.

Cosplay is not Consent!

Please keep your hands to yourself. If you would like to take a photo, or video, of another attendee, please always ask first and respect that person’s right to say NO. Anyone found to be harassing other con-goers will be asked to leave the premises. When at Parkersburg Pop Con (PPC), be respectful, be nice, be cool and be kind to each other.  


Last Updated: 3/6/2020 2:09:14 PM